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Welcome to the Alien Archery Australia website, featuring 13 of the some of the most unique designed 'Game Reduction Cutlery' available today. 

Being in the Marketing, Sales and Design Industry for 32 years I embarked on my mission in creating the best quality, design, finish and value Broadheads available and I feel I have achieved this by designing and producing Broadheads that have exceptional components, finish and design.

As a very keen Bow Hunter myself I used a tonne of different brands with varying results and I can see a huge need for stronger, tougher all Stainless Steel Broadheads and after a few failures especially with older style ALU Ferrules and 0.040" (if that) thick blades it was time for a change.

Becoming interested in the design and material differences of several companies I started Alien Archery Australia and all my models embellish my passion for design, tradition and providing a quality designed product at a great price.
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Simply put I design the Broadheads others don't and as you can see from my Product List every design is unique, innovative and above all designed in putting down 'Any Game, Any Continent, Every time'.

I started Alien Archery Australia back in 2013 with a singular model, namely the Alien Archery Australia V2 in 175 grain (refer previous models for more info). Boasting all Stainless Steel Construction, 0.080" 2mm thick blade @ 52rC and a very impressive 48rC 'simulated software design' Ferrule with a STOMPING 1-1/2" cut it was an instant success and Local and Worldwide patronage increased dramatically.

Big holes, massive damage and a blood trail Stevie Wonder could follow.

Every dimension and angle is determined by my Flight Simulation Software (design on Sunday, full manufacture Monday) with an emphasis on the below:

* First to marekt, thickest blade 0.080" 2mm all steel broadhead in 125g

* 'Blade-on-Ferrule' length in relation to the blade angle and ferrule width and radius
* Blade angle and blade length providing the best Flight, Penetration and Stealth
* Blade cutting diameter vs weight of blade and weight of ferrule
* Specific Blade Angles 

* Factoring ratios and introduction of shorter, stronger blades 
* Utilising 0.060" 1.5mm and 0.080" 2mm platforms (first to market in Australia for 0.080" 2mm thick blades and first to market in providing 0.060" 1.5mm as a standard blade thickness)
* Using 316 SS Ferrules at a very stout 48rC, incredible platform Structural Integrity
* Using QUALITY 420J2 Japanese procured steel at 52rC manufactured using current State-Of-The-Art manufacturing and hardening techniques
* TERMINATION POINT tests, giving optimum performance well beyond the Destruction Point
* 'SURGIKIO' (Surgical KO) Router Cut blades allowing easy sharpening and blade Structural Integrity Retention (my blades come in INSANELY sharp)
* Greatest 'VALUE' platforms on the market keeping up with other brands 3 times the price
* Standard 'Vent and re-use' system, ultra tough, reliable and repeatable platforms
* All models retained by TORX style screws

I am so proud of all my 30 plus designs and I can proudly say that Alien Archery Australia has the largest range of Broadheads today in relation to different platforms.

I genuinely appreciate you dropping by and considering placing your Broadhead Investment in Alien Archery Australia.

If you require any assistance please don't hesitate to ask.

I loving talking Broadheads and I am sure you will appreciate and fall in love with my product as much as I do!

Be Safe, Hunt Safe!

Jason Cadell
Alien Archery Australia
'Game Reduction Technology'

Be Saf

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