Alien Archery Australia V2 125g ADAMSON 12 Pack


* ALL Stainless Steel construction (only all SS Broadhead in Oz)

​* 1.5" Cut (massive holes, widest cut in Oz)​

* 0.060" Thick QUALITY SS Blade @ 52rC

​* 125 Grain of CARNAGE​* MASSIVE HOLES, HUGE BLOOD TRAILS, INSANE DAMAGE​* Quality SS FERRULE @ 48rC designed by Alien Archery Australia utilising my own Flight Simulation Software with a Smooth, Aerodynamic Ferrule​

* Unique Chisel Tip Single Bevel design

​* Whisper Quiet

​* Highest FOC per mm available (125g/20mm)​

* Field Point Perfect

​* Extremely Accurate​

* Delivered quite sharp, just STROP and away you go (razor sharp, very easy)


INTERNATIONAL Alien Archery Australia V2 125g 12 pack



    This year marks a new and exciting platform that has made Alien Archery Australia one of Australia's most diverse and unique Broadhead Manufacturer.

    The 175 Grain Alien Archery Australia V2 has been so popular worldwide since I first started the design more than 3 years ago.

    As promised I always intended bringing out a 125 Grain model and now here it is.

    On behalf of Alien Archery Australia, Australian Broadhead Company and 5th Element Archery Designs I am now proud in announcing the Alien Archery Australia V2 ADAMSON.

    Llyle Adamason who has been so instrumental in the development and design of Alien Archery Australia products since DAY ONE.

    From Rabbits, Hares, Red Deer, Chital Deer, Rusa Deer, Fallow Deer, Pigs, Goats he has nailed them all with an Alien Archery Australia Broadhead.

    This Broadhead has proved itself time and time again with Accuracy, Dependability, BIG HOLES, Stealth and Quality Components.

    The NEW COMPATIBLE SYSTEMS allows so many different options, weights and styles, just unscrew and PLAY PLAY PLAY